Shielding Your Identity

It is our mission to educate individuals and organizations on smart card-related technology.
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Why Choose PIVsmart?

As we enter an era of single-sign on (SSO), the ubiquitous use of smart cards within government and law enforcement agencies presents a pending threat; cyber-based identity theft. The technology which enables smart cards and certain credit cards with RFID chips to be so useful also allows malicious attackers to scan your credit card or smart card information from a distance. It's called electronic pickpocketing. So it would only make sense to create a company dedicated to educating and providing the resources required to safeguard ones digital identity. In 2014, PIVsmart was founded by entrepreneur Léonard Sweeney.

PIVsmart is Technology Value Added Reseller (VAR) whose focus is to provide its clients with latest Identity & Access Management (IAM) security products and services. Products such as RFID shielded badge holders can thwart off RFID scanned attacks. Software called middleware allows users' smart cards to securely interact with their laptop or desktop. And Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide the cryptography necessary to facilitate secure transactions.

Our company creates additional value for our clients by partnering with industry leaders who specialize in offering the latest PIV supplies and IAM products and services. Thus establishing a single depot for your PIV related needs. Allowing our clients to reduce administrative overhead by purchasing directly from one vendor.

GSA Contract Holder

Contract #: GS-35F-0330T

As a GSA Schedule IT 70 holder, we're able to deliver federal, state and local customer agencies the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services and solutions.

132-8 Purchase of New Equipment
132-62 HSPD-12 Technology